Rebecca of Barcelona


BOOK III in The Journey of Rebecca
(Not yet published)

medieval barcelonaReuniting with Rebecca’s father, Isaac, and her family in Barcelona, Rebecca has a new challenge to face. The worsening situation for Jews in Salerno has made it nearly impossible for her to return to her life as a teacher and a physician. Both her husband and her father are against it, not only fearing Rebecca’s safety but also the life of her unborn child.

Though concerned about her home in Salerno and with a strong desire to go back there, Rebecca celebrates the burgeoning life inside her and being able to present Isaac with a grandchild in the near future. What’s more, she savors her deepening relationship with Rafael. All that is missing in her life now is her work as a physician.

medieval barcelonaMissing her profession, feeling frustrated and discontented, Rebecca learns of the Barcelona project to build a Hebrew hospital. Even though she cannot legally practice as a physician in Barcelona, her education and skills can help her play an important role in this new enterprise. Yet precisely when it seems she will be able to fulfill her dreams, murder most foul occurs. Once again, Rebecca must use her cunning to discover the perpetrator of the crime.