Rebecca in York


BOOK II in The Journey of Rebecca
(Not yet published)

Medieval YorkWhen Rebecca left Yorkshire, England, ten years earlier, she expected never to see the place again. However an urgent mission calls Rebecca back once more: To convince her cousin Sara, a fellow healer, to leave England, where the situation for Jews has deteriorated under King John.

Accompanying Rebecca on this dangerous voyage is her new husband, Rafael Lopes-Dias. She has told him little of her life in England. How much should she tell Rafael of her adventures—and  her misadventures? What about her previous feelings for the Christian knight Ivanhoe?

medieval york

Before Rebecca has time to decide what parts of her past to disclose, Gurth and Wamba, once part of Ivanhoe’s entourage, turn up as guards to protect her cousin’s small home. King John’s minions have been harassing Sara as part of their campaign to seize her property.

Ivanhoe has also taken up the responsibility of helping Sara. When he comes seeking her aid for his wife, Lady Rowena, ill in her confinement before childbirth, Rebecca comes face to face with the man she adored in her youth. Rafael and Ivanhoe take an instant intense dislike to each other. How can Rebecca tell Rafael about the past when the present is so prickly? She is surprised to find a meaure of vulnerability in her fiercely strong husband.

When a terrible turn of events throws doubt upon Sara’s healing skills, King John’s men seize the opportunity to arrest her and confiscate her property. Working in an alien society where her medical license is not recognized because of her gender, Rebecca must find a way to prove Sara’s innocence. Though Rafael no longer practices medicine, his license is recognized. Rebecca must use Rafael as her spokesman. Will they be able to prevail in time to save Sara—or will she perish, merely another of King John’s Jewish victims?