Author: Esther Erman

A Real Life Rebecca

Modern Day Rebecca

What would you do? Imagine your reaction if at a break during New Year’s services in a synagogue—or church services or a public lecture or even a show—a stranger came over to you and said you reminded her of the

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Salerno, Italy – Today


The Journey of Rebecca, my trilogy of Rebecca’s story after Ivanhoe, has a distinct geographic flavor, in concert with the overarching theme of her search for home. The first book takes place in Salerno, now in southern Italy—during Rebecca’s time,

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My Heroine — Rebecca of Salerno

Rebecca Gratz

Urban legend or truth? Will we ever know? Rebecca, daughter of the merchant Isaac of York, is the Jewish heroine of Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe. The fair Saxon noblewoman, Rowena, is the Christian heroine starring in the love triangle Scott created.

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